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What’s Holding You Back?

by: Tracy Curtis

Humorist, Author, Speaker

The yoga instructor asks the thought-provoking question for the day:

Is the thing that you’re holding onto, the thing that’s holding you back?

Yes, Little Miss Yoga Pants. Of course it is. And if I’m being honest? The thing that I hold onto is the idea that I’m not like these other workout people. I wish I was, but I don’t get excited about exercise.

I don’t crave cardio. I don’t yearn for yoga. I don’t get hyped for heat, desire a deep stretch, fancy a flow or dream of a downward dog. It’s just not a high for me. I’m not pumped, I’m pooped. And boy, did that hold me back …

Because I used to pull and tweak muscles dragging groceries out of my car. I couldn’t do ten sit-ups or push-ups. I never used to run, and actually lost a child who ran ahead of me while I was walking in a 5K. And trust me when I tell you, it’s a dark day when you can’t decide between calling the police to find your child, or an ambulance because you’re having a heart attack.

But for the past eight months I’ve been a regular at VIBE5. Because I knew I needed to get in shape. And here’s the honest to God truth. It has literally changed my body. I’ve lost weight and significantly increased my stamina and my energy level. I’ve built up muscle and a much stronger core. I have so much more flexibility and better balance. And I know all this because now I can actually lift the groceries, catch speedy children, and hold up and shave one leg while standing on the other.

I used to have knee, hip and neck pain, all of which has diminished as the muscle now protects my joints. Everything is tighter and more toned. My rear end, which used to hang behind my knees, has finally cleared my hamstrings. So wearing those dreaded skinny jeans actually feels good. And wearing a sleeveless shirt, now THAT gets me pumped. At 52 years old, I am by far the strongest and fittest I have ever been as an adult.

And this is what gets me to class in the morning — and keeps me from making Chardonnay a food group the night before. The fact that it IS working. And the reason a lot of us choose VIBE5 over other studios is that it literally does have the best Vibe! It’s convenient and there’s easy parking. It’s clean, organized and has a spa-like feel. It has great energy, the nicest staff, and everyone who works out there is inclusive and supportive.

It’s actually the only studio where I don’t feel completely overwhelmed or intimidated. Even as a newbie, I never felt like I didn’t belong or couldn’t get where I wanted to be. Everyone works out at their own level, as the instructors offer modifications to fit individual needs. Most importantly, they are diligent in demonstrating proper form, to protect us from injury. And depending on your mood or the vibe that you want, there is so much variety in the classes. Yoga, strength, cardio, hot, hip, flow, whatever — there is something appealing for every holdout like me.

The way I see it? What we do as women is hard. We’re trying to have it all, and do it all and be it all. And look GOOD doing it! It’s virtually impossible, but we keep striving for perfection. And that’s because we are so strong. And while it’s still hard for me to make myself do it most days, there is no denying that a challenging hour-long workout in a supportive setting makes me mentally, physically and emotionally stronger. I am always glad I came to VIBE5. It’s a total win. I see my friends, I challenge myself, I strengthen my body and my sweet husband comes with me. And I honestly feel amazing.

Why would I hold myself back from that?