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Lunchtime workout

It’s in the Bag… Lunchtime Workout

Squeezing in a lunchtime workout hour may seem daunting, but with these tips from some of our top instructors, getting to the studio for our 45 minute “Lunch Crunch” 12:15 express classes (or anytime!) just got a little easier…

#1. Pack your gym bag the night before.

We’ve all been there; bleary eyed, rushing out the door … you get to the gym and you’ve forgotten something as simple as your yoga mat (don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered with free Manduka mat rentals) or as critical as your jog bra. YIKES.

To make sure you’re covered, pack clothes in the order you’d put them on so you don’t forget anything; underwear, jog bra, top & bottoms, socks and finally shoes if you’re hitting Sarah Pay’s bootcamp.

#2. Toiletries so you don’t have to worry about getting a good sweat sesh in.

Throw things in like makeup remover wipes, your favorite dry shampoo and touch up makeup like a tinted moisturizer, and a sheer lip gloss, to apply after class. These things make it easier to give your practice or workout your all, and leave the studio looking as amazing as you feel. 

If you have the time, our fully appointed locker room has three showers, and lots of space to get ready in. Forgot something or traveling super light? VIBE5 provides deodorant, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, feminine products, shave gel and razors!

#3. Refuel!

Don’t forget the “lunch” in Lunch Crunch!

Refueling within 45 min of your workout or yoga practice with protein, carbs and a little bit of healthy fat will promote muscle growth and enhance recovery.

VIBE5 partners with Charlotte lunchtime favorites Yafo Kitchen and Sabor (both with fabulous healthy options) to get your order in while you workout. Just fill out a to-go menu at the front desk when you check-in and we’ll place your order for you to pick up on your way out! Lunchtime workout made quick and easy.

Below some of our instructors list what’s essential in their gym bag:

Ellen Kelly: Yon Bons, a spare jog bra and bobby pins! 

Edith McDonnell: I keep a fully packed gym bag with towel, running shoes, jog bra, yoga pants/shorts, tee shirt and empty water bottle to fill. You never know when you suddenly have time to fit a workout in!!!


Sarah Pay:  extra bottle of water, running shoes (I keep an extra pair in my car, my gym bag and my book bag. I always have to be ready to run), ponytail holders, shorts, bra and tank. In the past I’ve been caught running to my car with a towel wrapped around my waist. Also loving Suave’s natural dry shampoo!

Kacy Pleasants: Biocleanse for muscle recovery, Ultima single packs for hydration and of course, dry shampoo.


Claire Rose: Smartwater, Neutrogena calming cleansing wipes, Glosier balm dotcom (love!), Visine and a baseball cap!