Image Alex's Schedule


Hometown: Houston roots with a heart for Dallas, Texas.
Signature pose/workout: I love the quiet intensity of balancing postures.
Favorite song: Soulful Blues on vinyl.
Go-to snack: Coffee and scones are my happy place. Apples and peanut butter on repeat.
Favorite Insta: alex_elle never disappoints.
Guess what: I am two continents short of traveling all seven!


Hometown: Charlotte native.
Signature pose/workout: Humble Warrior and being humbled when I run marathons and working my abs.
Favorite song: All songs by Dolly Parton. And my theme song is More Like Love by Ben Rector.
Go-to snack: Celery Water - just juiced celery it is crazy good.
Dinner with three people: my 3 teenagers PLEASE all at once at the dinner table because it never happens anymore with 1 in college.


Image Ansley's Schedule


Hometown: Charlotte native.
Signature pose/workout: Side plank /Vasisthasana and I do looove a squat.
Favorite song: I don’t care, just TURN IT UP.
Go-to snack: Wine and cheese? Can I say that?
Favorite Insta: Dice Iida-Klein.😍 Don’t tell my husband.
Guess what: I totally love the way sore muscles feel. Come hit up Strong or Bootcamp Vibes and you will too.


Image Beth's Schedule


Favorite workout: Love Vinyasa yoga and spin classes.
Favorite song: Anything by Michael Franti.
Go-to snack: Salty trail mix.
Guess what: I have a 17 year old son!
Alma Matter: Ohio State Buckeye fan.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Julia Roberts, my dear friend Paula Takacs and my grandmother


Image Bridget's Schedule


Hometown: Fairfax, VA.
Signature pose/workout: An asana kicking!
Favorite song: Madonna’s Like a Prayer.
Go-to snack: hummus w/ ANYTHING…or nachos lol.
Favorite Insta: thebrewlou.
Alma Mater: Undergrad, Clemson Graduate, UNCG.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Leonardo Dicarprio (bc duh!), Princess Dianna, Guy Fieri.


Hometown: Cortland, OH (one stoplight!)
Signature pose: Half moon.
Favorite song: “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder.
Go-to snack: Homemade popcorn.
Favorite Insta: Petty Lives Matter
Alma Mater: University of Akron.
Guess What: I was on the dance team and had no clue who Lebron James was. He was in high school practicing in our arena and I asked him to leave.


Hometown: Pinehurst, NC.
Signature pose: Either half moon or revolved side plank... for now at least, I go through seasons! .
Go-to snack: Go-to snack: Chips & Guac or avocado toast.. really just anything avocado.. served with a glass of Chardonnay YUM.
Favorite Insta: Yoga Girl, vicariously living the tropical life through her.
Guess what: I am a certified dog walker!
Dinner with three people: Anyone who will make me think or grow, I love a meaningful conversation.


Hometown: High Point, NC.
Signature pose: Garudasana (Eagle)
Favorite song: Favorite song: Don’t Stop Believin by Journey.
Go-to snack: Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy Almonds.
Favorite Insta: @eatworkplayclt.
Guess what: My husband and I owned a little pizza joint in CO in our 20s!
Alma Mater: Appalachian State.


Image Dawn's Schedule


Hometown: Cary, NC
Favorite workout: Sunday morning long run.
Favorite song: Favorite song: Hurricane Waters by Citizen Cope.
Go-to snack: Go-to-snack: Brie and Pink Lady apples.
Guess what: I was a piano prodigy as a child.
Alma Mater: Appalachian State.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Logic, Mary Hitchcock, Coach K.


Image Edith's Schedule


Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Signature pose/workout: Wild thing / cross training with weights, tennis and cycle.
Favorite song: Young Blood by The Naked and the Famous.
Go-to snack: Plantain chips and guacamole.
Guess what: I love 80’s hair bands!
Dinner: My Father, Dolly Parton, and God, because I have questions!


Hometown: Charlotte, NC.
Favorite workout: Running.
Favorite song: Barry Manilow "Could it Be Magic".
Go-to snack: Turkey jerky and a spoonful of almond butter.
Favorite Insta: @Blackberry Farms.
3 Guess what: 3 kids in 3 years and a wife.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Oprah, maternal grandmother, Obama.


Image Grace's Schedule


Signature pose: Seated twist. See pic!
Favorite song: I love Multiplied by NEEDTOBREATH pretty much any day anytime.
Go-to snack: Frozen cherries...I know weird.
Favorite Insta: Tracy Anderson, she is awesome!
Guess what: I ran the Honolulu & Paris Marathon. It was a long time ago and I no longer run, but the training helped me to understand I could go the distance.
Dinner with three people: Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Hometown: Syracuse, NY.
Favorite song: Anything rhythmic!
Go-to snack: Veggies w/ ranch.
Favorite Insta: @amyschumer.
Guess what: I’m in with love Diet Pepsi.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Oprah, Elvis, & Krishnamacharya.


Hometown: Milledgeville, Georgia.
Signature pose/workout: Squats and handstands! 🙂
Favorite song: Can't pick just one but follow me on Spotify (jdecurtins) to see what I'm listening to!
Favorite Insta: @yung_pueblo, @epicurious, @bymariandrew, @beingisbeautiful, @kinoyoga (I love IG and we should totally connect there! @jen_pbrunner)
Guess what: I've published two books and I write a fitness/food/lifestyle blog: Writing is one of my passions.
Alma Matter: University of Georgia, GO DAWGS!


Image Kacy's Schedule


Hometown: Charlotte, NC.
Signature pose: King pigeon.
Favorite song: All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled.
Go-to snack: Harris Teeter tuna salad.
Favorite Insta: @theashleygraham.
Guess what: I love Crossword puzzles.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Jesus, Celeste Gwynn, Amy Schumer.
Alma Mater: UNCW


Image Kelly's Schedule


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA.
Signature pose: Chapasana…King Dancer…or really any heart opener. 💙
Go-to snack: Goat Gouda Cheese with Jalapeño Stacy’s Pita Chips (best served with red wine!!!)
Favorite Insta: @diceyoga.
Alma matter: Florida State University


Image Lauren's Schedule


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA.
Signature pose: Scissors Pose/ Astavakrasana
Favorite song: Hold On by Wilson Phillips.
Favorite Insta: @docjenfit.
Guess what: I am one of 8 children in my family, and I have 16 nieces and nephews.
Alma Mater: The Ohio State University .


Image Lindsay's Schedule


Bio Coming Soon


Image Melissa's Schedule


Hometown: Charlotte, NC.
Signature pose: Figure 4 and Full Pigeon.
Favorite song: Eminem’s Lose Yourself. So motivating!
Go-to snack: honeycrisp apples w/ crunchy peanut butter.
Guess what: I was a former roller derby star and my skater name was Pollyannarchy.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Lenny Kravitz, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hafiz of Shiraz.


Image Rodolfo's Schedule


Hometown: Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Signature pose: Horse stance.
Favorite song: Intention by Kiiara.
Go-to snack: RXBAR (chocolate sea salt)
Favorite Insta: Gisele Bündchen
Guess what: I left home at 16 years old to dance with the Miami City Ballet.
Dinner with three people dead or alive: Audrey Hepburn, William Levy, and Sara Mearns. .


Hometown: Raleigh, NC.
Signature pose: Half Moon.
Favorite song: Edge of Desire by John Mayer.
Go-to snack: Apple slices with peanut butter.
Favorite Insta: anything involving puppies.
Guess what: When I was in high school I sang in a backup choir for Josh Groban.
Dinner with 3 people: John Mayer, Michelle Obama, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Alma Matter: UNC at Greensboro.


Hometown: Pinehurst, NC
Signature pose/workout: Handstands and squats.
Favorite song: What a Feeling from Flashdance or anything Madonna.
Go-to snack: apples on the go, chips and homemade salsa at home.
Favorite Insta: @erinkellyart
Guess what: I was an architect and graphic designer before entering the fitness world.
Dinner with three people: Mother Teresa, Madonna, my Grandma…I miss her!
Alma Matter: UNCG


Image Suzanne's Schedule


Hometown: Winchester, Mass.
Signature pose: Peaceful Warrior
Favorite song: Now We are Free by Hans Zimmer.
Go-to snack: Smoothie with banana, blueberries, vegan protein powder chocolate,chia seeds,spinach, maca powder.
Favorite Insta: Seane Corn.
Guess what: I was Director of Sales & Marketing in NYC for a hotel/conference center.


Image Terrie's Schedule


Hometown: Florence, SC.
Signature pose: Bird of Paradise.
Favorite song: It changes all the time but I like soulful music that has lots of levels and a strong rhythmic beat.
Go-to snack: Roasted cauliflower and grapes.
Guess what: I did a kickboxing video with Sugar Ray Leonard.
Alma Mater: UNC-G

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